The perception is that any one can install a network- cloud managed switches and access points allow complete management of the network from a simple GUI.  To an extend, we’d agree:  Anyone can install a network badly.

Once you realise that you need redundancy, multi-site links you start to realise that maybe its not so easy.  For example, how do you prevent network loops, stop network arp flooding or limit the downtime a single switch failure can cause.  How do you engineer out data cable damage taking down a floor of the hotel WiFi?  How do you isolate those different wireless networks but route them through the same NAT router?  What affect will streaming 100 Internet radios have on the corporate network?

Our experience in designing, deploying and managing networks that can cope with the high volumes of traffic required when dealing with a large conference, enterprise office location or even the Guest WiFi at a hotel is available to you through our Network Consultancy services.

Don’t settle for a slow, under performing network. Expect the best from Unimpossibe.